Aidan Provda

Hi! I am thrilled to announce that I will be going Over The Edge with Philadelphia and Cherry Hill NCSY on Nov 7th! This is much more than just rappelling, it’s going down the side of a building! Over The Edge allows me the opportunity to raise money for some of NCSY’s incredible causes. NCSY is the premier organization dedicated to connect, inspire and empower Jewish teens, while actively working to encourage passionate Judaism through Torah and Tradition. NCSY provides many opportunities for high school teens, including after school learning programs, weekend Shabbatons, and leadership development initiatives. OTE enables hundreds of NCSY teens to continue on to the next stage of their Jewish journey, by attending shabbatonim, attending JSU clubs or going on an NCSY summer program. Your partnership will help us enable Jewish teens from across North America to experience Torah and Judaism in a way they never thought possible. Visit my team's page


  • Dana Rosenbaum - $72.00

    Good luck!

  • Harris Family - $180.00

    This is insanely cool! Go Aidan!!

  • Aliza and Sadiky - $18.00
  • Audrey Dahan - $26.00

    So proud of you for being involved w NCSY.

  • Deena and Akiva Blanchard/Novetsky - $72.00

    Go Aidan!!!!

  • Rachel and Eric Klein - $18.00
  • Helene and David Raush - $18.00

    Good luck Aidan!

  • Michelle King - $36.00

    You got this! XO, The Kings

  • Ellori Eiseman - $100.00

    Our own Ninja! Love Grandma and Grandpa

  • Anonymous - $72.00

    Go Aidan!

  • Michael, Rachel & Steve Klein - $36.00

    Awesome Aiden! We know you can do it!!

  • rochelle shevach - $15.00

    good luck rochelle shevach

  • Caryn, Steve, Jacob and Eliana Hurlock - $36.00

    Best of luck Aidan!!

  • Gerald and Ilana Mindel - $18.00

    From Alex and Noah Mindel

  • Ellen Young - $18.00

    Have an awesome time Aidan!

  • Jeffrey and Ilana Weiss - $18.00
  • Gersh and Mel Klein - $50.00

    Have fun!

  • Joseph Joyce - $10.00
  • Anna Schwartz - $18.00
  • Neely Elisha - $50.00
  • Hildy Steinbach - $18.00
  • Lea and Hoosh Sadiky - $18.00

    Go Aiden!

  • Akiva and Jenni Fischman - $26.00

    You’ve got this!!!

  • Francyne Bernfeld - $36.00

    Sorry I am late

All proceeds go to support ATS NCSY programs and scholarships.