Yossi Schwartz

Have I gone over the edge? I will be in a few weeks. Over the past 10 years of working for NCSY I've seen the impact that we can have on the future of the Jewish people. Please partner with me as I scale a building to raise the funds necessary to continue our crucial work! Visit my team's page


  • Anonymous - $108.00

    From the shteeble hopper! Hatzlacha with all you do rebbe!

  • Hesh and Racheli weinreb - $118.00
  • Jesse Felder - $36.00
  • Anonymous - $180.00

    Nothing Can Stop You! #TYH

  • Shragi Orzel - $100.00

    #TYH for Yossi Schwartz NCSY is lucky to have you!

  • Duvie and tehila greenwald - $150.00

    For our holy brother in law We are so proud of all the work you do and we look up to you!

  • Moshe Bollag - $100.00

    Good luck Yossi! Tizku L’mizvos!

  • Ben Weiss - $100.00

    Go Yossi!!!

  • Aryeh Dachs - $58.00
  • Shalom Blobstein - $101.00

All proceeds go to support NY NCSY programs and scholarships.