Sammy Aronson

Hi, my name is Rabbi Sammy Aronson. I am the director of Mid Island NCSY and JSU. In my first year here at NY NCSY, we have seen serious growth in our numbers and interest in our programming. Please help us to continue our work of connecting, inspiring, and empowering the Jewish future!


  • Anonymous - $54.00
  • Aviel Brodkin - $36.00

    Keep scaling all those mountains. So proud of you. -The Brodkins

  • Yonatan Frankel - $180.00

    Yasher koach on all that you do and please don't trip on the way down!

  • Eric Moskowitz - $54.00
  • Dov Chastain - $36.00

    Hatzlacha Rabbah Rabbi Aronson. Stay safe!

  • Raphy and Simi Sassieni - $18.00

    Hope you're more successful than last time

  • Jocelyn Cohn - $18.00

    Good luck from the Cohns in Merrick!!

  • Ilan Bagley - $18.00

    Good luck my man!!

  • Jeremy Rossman - $18.00

    Keep doing great work!

  • Dall Family - $18.00

    From the Dall’s in Portland

  • Zach & Naama Kfare - $36.00

    Sammy, please be careful

  • Meira Spivak - $36.00

    Keep giving us nachas!

All proceeds go to support NY NCSY programs and scholarships.