Randi Camhi

I am the oldest rappeller, but hey it was fun the first time, so I'm looking foward to my 2nd rappel! I want to thank everyone who is kind enough to donate under my name to NCSY. NCSY is a fabulous Jewish organization that sets up social programs, missions to Israel, & scholarships for Jewish teens. Every dollar helps, so thank-you again!


  • Ira Camhi - $50.00

    Wishing my beautiful wife a fun & easy REPEL!! Lol, again I'll watch & be the photographer. Xo, Ira

  • Sheryl and Bob Orgel - $18.00

    Enjoy and Have Fun! Love, Sheryl and Bob

  • Fran Melluso - $18.00

    Have fun!

  • Carolyn & Michael Rosenbaum - $36.00

    So cool, have fun!

  • Lori & Dave Harris - $18.00

    Best of Luck Rapelling Randi. We hope to bring our Grandkids to see the fun!! Lori and Dave

  • Alpren Family - $18.00

    Happy Rappelling!

  • ARTHUR ALTARAC - $50.00

    Best of Luck to our beautiful friend, Randi Camhi. Looking forward to seeing you rappel! Love, Amy and Artie Altarac

  • Meri Wapnick - $10.00

    Wishing my fun friend Randi an EASY Rappel!! XO, Meri

  • Caryn Stern - $18.00

    What do you call a rappelling thief? Con-descending Have fun!

  • Michelle Yelner - $18.00

    Have a great time! Michelle and Gary

  • Jeff and mindy Gordon - $18.00

    You did amazing!

  • Anonymous - $36.00

    Great job rappelling!

All proceeds go to support NY NCSY programs and scholarships.