Jake Slochowsky

HEY EVERYONE !!!! My name is Jake Slochowsky! I am raising money for NCSY’s TJJ summer programs! bH I hope to reach my goal of $500 for teens to have an unforgettable summer in Israel! Visit my team's page


  • Yona Weinstock - $36.00

    Gotta support my man sloch. Biggest tzadik. Can’t wait to jump with you

  • Manu Hass - $26.00

    One of the best people I know raising money for the one of the best causes I know... I couldn't not!

  • Lana & Adam Fern - $100.00
  • Ronnie Slochowsky - $36.00
  • Jack Haber - $52.00

    Go Jake

  • william Slochowsky - $250.00

    Happy Birthday Jake! Today and every day you continue on the path of Torah mitzvot and Tzedakah, and you do it with all your hear and soul. We are all so very proud of you ! Chazak

All proceeds go to support NY NCSY programs and scholarships.